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Shipping to Canada
To addresses mostly in Central and Eastern Canada. Once shipping is calculated based on customer's address, the customer will be contacted if shipping exceeds the allotted amount allowed based on dollar amount of purchase and ship to address. Customer will then be given the option to arrange own shipping, contribute additional payment towards shipping, or to cancel order. Customer may also send message to store to have shipping calculated prior to placing order. Shipping from Appleton, Wisconsin 54913 USA.

Customer is responsible for return shipping.  

Credit Card Issues?

Our site is equipped with added securities to prevent credit card fraud. If your card is declined for any reason please contact your bank and try again or use another card or payment method. If having trouble with the security check please try again in an Incognito tab or different browser and or make sure pop-up windows aren't blocked in your browser. In addition to Credit Cards we also offer Apple Pay and PayPal as payment options. 

Appleton 920-882-3986
Mo 10-7 /  Tu 10-6:45 / We-Sat 10-7 / Sun 11-3:30

Green Bay 920-498-2429

Monday - Saturday 10-7 / Sunday 11-4

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Appleton 4760 W. Integrity Way

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