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European Shoe Size Guide

Sizing Guide is based on thousands of in person customer fittings.  Birkenstock sandals run wide. We have adjusted our size chart down from the standard Birkenstock Size Guide to adjust to our findings.  

Unisex Sandals + Footwear

Proper fitting for Birkenstock Sandals

Put your heal to the back of the shoe and tighten straps comfortably.  You should not slide around in the the shoe.  Your toes should fill out the front but not hit the end.  If you prefer to wear them bigger, balance foot equally between the front and the back and tighten so shoe stays in place. Over time the uppers may stretch some. If this happens, re-adjust the straps to fit snug to the foot.  If you need more holes punched you may bring into our store to have punched for free or bring to your local cobbler. 

For slimmer feet Birkenstock

If you have a narrow/slimmer or even average width foot, you may want to try the narrow width sandals.  Not all styles are available in narrow however, and some styles are only available in narrow.  Narrows run shorter as well as narrower  than regular widths.  For this reason if you are at the top end of the size range it may be better to go up a size.  For example  a size 9 in American sizing  would convert to  40 narrow (40N) in Birkenstock sizing. 

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